Architecture (ARQ)

Why Study Architecture at UNINTER?

Because in UNINTER you will have an effective communication with the labor market for the promotion and consolidation of associative experiences in the labor field, in order to contribute in a palpable way to the creation of a functional, aesthetic and comfortable world that allows you to be In Contact with the world-leading techniques.

Course Guide for ARQ Program
First Semester
Second Semester
  • Introduction to Architecture Theory
  • Basic Project Workshop
  • Topography Construction Workshop
  • Artistic Perception Workshop
  • Basic Representation Workshop
  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Quantitate Methods for Architecture
  • Computer Studies
  • History of Mesoamerican Architecture
  • History of Ancient Cities Architecture
  • Language: Project Workshop
  • Construction Material Workshop
  • Specific: Investigation and Methodology Workshop
  • Architecture Drawing – Representation
  • Workshop
  • Basic Descriptive Geometry
  • Material Resilience
Third Semester
Fourth Semester
  • History of Mexican Architecture XVI - XIX
  • History of City Architecture XVI - XIX
  • Concept Projects Workshop
  • Construction Workshop: Passive Systems
  • Concepts and Methodology Investigation Workshop
  • Architecture Illustration Techniques
  • Applied Descriptive Geometry
  • History of International Architecture C. XX - XXI
  • Context: Project Workshop
  • Basic Facilities* : Construction Workshop
  • Context: Research and Methodology Workshop
  • Volumetric and Symbology: Representation Workshop
  • Foreign Language I
  • Structural Analysis
  • Internship I
Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
  • Rehabilitation: Project Workshop
  • Specific Facilities: Construction Workshop
  • Case Study: Research and Methodology Workshop
  • Digital Architectural Illustration
  • Internship III
  • Cost Analysis
  • Foreign Language III
  • City: Sustainability Regional Development
  • Edification: Project Workshop
  • Constructive Procedures Workshop
  • Physics Media: Research and Methodology Workshop
  • Assisted Architectonic Design by Computing
  • Internship II
  • Structural Design
  • Foreign Language II
Seventh Semester
Eigth Semester
  • Elective II
  • Cities: Project Workshop
  • Alternative Facilities: Construction Workshop
  • Virtual Routes and Presentation
  • Internship IV
  • Edification Company Administration
  • Administration Labor *
  • Elective III
  • Elective IV
  • Region: Project Workshop
  • Virtual: Research and Methodology Workshop
  • Internship V
  • Real - Estate Promotion
Seventh Semester
  • Elective V
  • Architecture Thesis Seminar
  • Internship VI