Industrial Engineering and Quality System (IISCA)

Why study Industrial Engineering and Quality System at UNINTER?

In UNINTER you develop the abilities in the area of financial planning and information management that allows you to optimize the use of material and financial resources. In this way, you are able to offer goods and/or services at a world class level, increasing your participation in global markets that contributes to the development of society.

Course Guide for IISCA Program
First Semester
Second Semester
  • Oral and Written Expression Workshop
  • Foreign Language I
  • Investigation Methodology
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Computer Studies
  • Mathematics I
  • Foreign Language II
  • Industrial Drawing
  • Industrial Electricity
  • Physics I
  • Analysis and Design of Information Systems
  • Mathematics II
Third Semester
Fourth Semester
  • Foreign Language III
  • Mathematics III
  • Quality Management
  • Material Engineering
  • Organization Systematic Focus
  • Physics II
  • Human Development and Values
  • Foreign Language IV
  • Manufacturing Procedures
  • Operations Investigation I
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Financial Accounting for Engineers
Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
  • Statistic Control of Procedures
  • Quality Administration
  • Operation Investigations II
  • Model and System Design
  • Economic Engineering
  • Mathematics IV
  • Numeric Control Systems
  • Procedure Simulation
  • Model and Systems Design II
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Security and Hygiene
  • Inversion Project Assessment
Seventh Semester
Eigth Semester
  • Total Quality Systems
  • Human Factor Engineering
  • Analysis and Experiment Design
  • Logistics
  • Elective I
  • Elective II
  • Entrepreneurial Development *
  • Normativity and Certification
  • Integral Systems Manufacturing
  • Automation and Control
  • Elective III
  • Elective IV