Institutional Philosophy

Institutional Philosophy

Universidad Internacional is recognized by its excellence in diverse levels of educational opportunities, international environment, and certification of personnel and professional competitions.


To instill individuals, with a solid formation in their education and in the ethical aspects of their profession, with an attitude of enterprising and creative leadership. Creating responsible citizens capable of being inserted in the global workforce.


  • Integrity in intellectual search and as a part of human communication.
  • Freedom as an unconditional right of the human being.
  • Diversity as an element of understanding and comprehension of different people
  • Open-mindedness as fraternal recognition of others
  • Equality as a goal of the human being
  • Responsibility and awareness to accept the positive consequences and denials of our actions.
  • Quality as our standard of service
  • Tolerance regarding the financial circumstances of human diversity
  • Honesty, integrity, with respect for one self and in accordance to the social and moral procedure.
  • Respect for our national identity , understood as the consideration and identification with the values of the country.
  • Equality, disposition of the spirit that moves and gives everyone what they deserve in terms of equal opportunities
  • Environmental awareness and sociopolitical knowledge and respect of the social and political environment.


  • Universidad Internacional postulates the integral development of the human being as a growth of all the branches that shape it: the intellectual, moral, social and material.
  • Universidad Internacional is an institution of basic, average, advanced and continuing education, not a lucrative, foreign private road to political parties, ideology and religion.
  • Universidad Internacional is committed to the safe guarding of the natural environment and instills its students with respect for and preservation of local, national and international environment.
  • Universidad Internacional promises to support the educational forefront by means of the periodic review of the plans and programs of study, incorporating in them the social, scientific and technological advance
  • Universidad Internacional promises to raise the levels of communication between students, eliminating, on one hand, the barriers that are generated for lack of control and knowledge of the different languages, and causing, on the other hand, the approximation of the different cultures that, for geographical, ideological, political, economic and social questions, exist in today’s society.
  • Universidad Internacional is committed to learn and bring together the human factor, the technical and material resources that nature and society offer to incorporate them to the knowledge, in education and in investigation.
  • Universidad Internacional is aware of the dynamics of the transformation of the companies, stimulating the students to interact in more wide and complex roles by means of the development of the international cooperation, the advancement of technology, the sustainable and unsustainable use of resources.
  • Universidad Internacional assumes the commitment to link professionally its students during his or her career with the productive professional sector in order to make them competitive in the labor force.
  • Universidad Internacional confirms its position of equity on having admitted every student without distinction of gender, race or social status; being the only requirement the compliance of the policies of students admission.
  • Universidad Internacional fulfills it’s mission statement and meets society’s expectation by developing and putting in practice a quality life plan and career path for all their personnel, which includes a program of permanent development.
  • Universidad Internacional teaches the freedom of speech, and understands that every teacher has the right to express their ideas and opinions or the results of their studies and investigations related to the program of study of the matter that they teach, respecting the moral values and the intellectual freedom of their students and the commitment not to use their speech as a means of ideological, political or religious proselytism.
  • Universidad Internacional recognizes the right of the students to expose suggestions and opinions across the student in a formally established association.