Message from the President

Welcome to Uninter

As President of Universidad Internacional, and on behalf of the entire faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Universidad Internacional.


Since 1980, Universidad Internacional has been committed to providing quality education to help individuals, like you, attain their personal and academic goals.With the talent and care provided by our faculty and staff, you can join over 85,000 skilled and confident Mexican and foreign Universidad Internacional graduates who have moved on to pursue their personal dreams and career aspirations. You have taken the first step towards preparing yourself for the future, and the faculty at Universidad Internacional is here to help you the rest of the way.In countless ways, this university reaches out to our community, our state, and our nation. The advances made on our campus contribute to the health and welfare of people throughout the world. Wherever you go, if you say, “I attended Universidad Internacional,” you will find tremendous recognition and respect for the education you are receiving.

You also are very likely to find graduates and former language students of Universidad Intenacional all over the world, for our university family is large and loyal. You are what make this university community such a unique mix of people from varying backgrounds, cultures and races, and this creates a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another.

Education is a powerful tool that will not only enhance your personal knowledge and skills, but also contribute to the prosperity and well being of México and your homelands. Your presence here is about more than acquiring a degree or learning a new language. It is about helping to open the door into our global society so that all Universidad Internacional students can gain a broader understanding of the world and its many different people.

As a student of Universidad Internacional, you can look forward to developing new and lasting friendships, and gaining the knowledge and skills that will lead to a lifetime of personal achievement and fulfillment. Universidad Internacional has much to offer you in the way of learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. It is my hope that you will take full advantage of these opportunities and become deeply involved in the life of this university. We look forward to helping you reach your goals. Message from the President