Public Administration (LAP)

Why study Public Administration at UNINTER?

In Uninter you will be able to assess the monetary income from the company in compliance with their obligations to the government improved handling thereof, transferring resources from surplus units to deficit units in full compliance.

You can enter in interaction, from the first semester to the labor market through internship to include you in practice of your profession in both public and private initiative.

Course Guide for LAP Program
First Semester
Second Semester
  • Introduction to Law
  • Investigation Methodology
  • Basic Administration
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Computer Studies *
  • Foreign Language I
  • Constitutional Law
  • Economics
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
  • Reading and Writing Workshop *
  • General Theory of State
  • Foreign Language II
Third Semester
Fourth Semester
  • Macroeconomics
  • Public Administration
  • History of Political and Social Thinking I
  • Financial Mathematics
  • Administrative Law
  • Foreign Language III
  • Human Development and Values
  • Municipal Law
  • Political Science
  • History of Political and Social Thought II
  • Quality in Organizations
  • Foreign Language IV
Fifth Semester
Sixth Semester
  • Economic Law
  • Investment Project Assessment
  • Economic and Social Development of Mexico
  • Mexican Political System
  • Elective I
  • Elective II
  • Economic Structure of Mexico
  • Comparing Political Systems
  • Public Finances
  • Municipal Public Administration
  • Elective III
  • Elective IV
Seventh Semester
Eigth Semester
  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Studies
  • Budgets
  • Research Seminar I
  • Elective V
  • Elective VI
  • Human Resources Management
  • Federal and State Public Administration
  • Public Politics (Policies *)
  • Elective VII
  • Elective VIII